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o    Complete analytical support for the investors
o    Selection of investment objects
o    Market research
o    Evaluation of investment opportunities and risks
o    Organization of business visits and negotiations
o    Development of the optimal investment schemes
o    Legal investment support
o    Full investment support and further monitoring


o    Full independent company analysis
o    Strategies and business plan development
o    Costs and expenses analysis
o    Business process and development optimization
o    Sales and marketing optimization
o    Improvement of the operational efficiency
o    Tax optimization
o    Development of protection schemes for the capital (asset)
o    Debts restructuring
o    Collecting and analyzes of information regarding contractors


o    Company preparation for capital rising
o    Development of the best options to raise capital
o    Preparation of teasers, investment memorandums and proposals
o    Searching for investors
o    Company preparation for IPO
o    Organization of debt financing
o    Organizing of business meetings and negotiations
o    Full transaction support


o    Analysis of the current budget planning methods and financial management.
o    Organizing of the financial and business planning
o    Organization of budgeting, budget forms composing, improvement of the interaction between the financial responsibility centers
o    Organizing of financial accounting, monitoring and analysis
o    Financial flows optimization
o    Financial Risk Management
o    Creation of the internal audit system
o    Reports system consolidation

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Pension scheme (Pension Benefits Plan) - means a document defining the terms and procedure for non-state pensions of fund participants

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