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Svetlana Oleksandrivna Rebitska

Education and career:
Graduated from Kyiv National Economic University named after V. Getman, Specialization: economic cybernetics. Working  now as the deputy director for the direct investment in the AMC «Vseswit».

About myself: All free time I have I dedicate to the most important thing in my life - family, especially to my daughter Alexandra. My main target is to give her the best education and self-development. I love to travel, look about an ancient architecture, photography, and self-designed every detail in the apartment. I’m fond of the statue named «Nike of Samothrace».

Traveling, photography, books about design and art.

Favorite quote:
Life is not measured by the number of breaths taken in and off, but it measures in the moments of happiness, when you feel breathtaking.

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