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The key components of the investment process of the Asset Management Company “Vseswit” are:

•    System of portfolio management as a whole unit
•    Own informational data base
•    Methods of analysis, worked out in accordance with the peculiarities of the Ukrainian market
•    System of a constant monitoring of assets
•    Unique procedures of active investment
•    Planning and Scheduling System

Informational data base

The Information Data Base is an essential tool in the working process of AMC “Vseswit”. IDB includes all the information necessary for taking investment decisions and supporting of all the steps of investment process.


There is a system of every day monitoring of the informational sources.
IDB includes news regarding the following topics:

•    Issuers (enterprises’) news
•    News of the banking sector
•    Economic news
•    Political news

Analytical materials:

Analytical reports on banks and issuers are an integral part of the investment process.
The information, contained in informational data base (IDB), information from the open public sources as well as information obtained through communication with representatives of the bank or issuer is used to prepare the analytical reports.
All prepared analytical materials are placed and saved in IDB.

Market Review:

Market reviews are considered to be an essential part of investment process.
At present there is a fixed process of preparing of the following types of review:

•    Weekly Banking Deposits market review
•    Weekly Banking Metals market review
•    Weekly Real Estate market review
•    Weekly BONDS market review
•    Weekly and daily Stock Market review

Monitoring of Assets:

Monitoring of the Assets is an integral part of the investment process.
As a part of monitoring of assets the next processes are arranged:
•    Establishing of contacts and regular communication with representatives of the issuers in order to obtain the most complete information about their financial condition.
•    Weekly monitoring of the NSPF assets
•    Monthly analysis of the bank activity’s  indicators, including analyses, made out on a base of balances and reports, provided by the banks
•    Regular analysis of the financial reports of the issuers

Active investment

The specialists of the company worked out a system of procedures of active investment, which could be represented as a set of step-by-step algorithms for implementation of the investment decisions, starting with communication with counterparties and ending with documentary execution the deal/transaction.


The planning process includes the following steps:

1. Determination of the required structure of the investment portfolio.
The structure of the portfolio is determined by the strategy of the fund and the requirements of the legislation.
2. Working out of a long-term investment plan to form a portfolio which to the maximum extend corresponds to the preliminary defined structure.
At present the planning of the prognosis of the cash flows is taken into consideration. This prognosis consists of:
•    Pension contributions inflows prognosis (plan)
•    Investment income inflows prognosis (plan)
•    Pension payments prognosis (plan)
•    Remuneration prognosis (plan)

3.  Working out a detailed investment plan for a month based on the long-term investment plan.
During the creation of such plan the cash flows prognosis is also taken into consideration.
4. Preparing of analytical materials required for implementation of the investment plan for a month. 
During the preparing of analytical materials the information contained in informational data base (IDB) is used. All prepared materials are placed and saved in the IDB.
5. Preparing and discussion of a certain investment offer (proposal) by the investment committee.


The scheduling is an essential part of the investment process which consists of the following:
•    Control of the dates and events based on the calendar of the investment activity
•    Hourly Planning of the investment activity
•    Hourly Reporting of the investment activity

Portfolio Management

The specialists of the company have worked out and have implemented a model of analysis of NSPF’s portfolio which allows to conduct the management of the non-state pension funds’ investments not only on a level of certain instruments, but also using the portfolio management approaches.
This model allows to control the structure of the portfolio, rate of return (income) of certain instruments, their groups and to control the whole portfolio, instrument serving termination time and the instruments’ term of placing in the portfolio.
The opportunity of planning of the structure of the fund’s portfolio by variants on a given probable events with forecasting the limits of the portfolio and dynamics of the Net Value of the Pension Contribution Unit is also implemented.
Accounting of the assets of NSPFs’ participants is conducted using the mechanism of the Pension Contribution Unit (PCU), which allows to evaluate the share of every participant in any moment and effectiveness of the fund’s activity based on a comparative change of net value of the contribution unit during a definite period.

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