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«Vseswit» Assets Management Company (AMC «Vseswit») has been founded in January 2004

Today AMC «Vseswit» manages more than 250 million UAH., assets, including the assets of one of the leading Open non-state pension fund NPF «VSE» which was registered in 2004 and took the first pension payment in 2005, Non-State Pension Fund of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church «Pokrova»Open specialized nvestment fund «VSE», three closed-ended funds «Amalthea», «Callisto» and «Evante» through these funds are implemented projects of direct investment in commercial real estate, telecommunications and medical industry

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Market news
The average yield of Open-ended fund «VSE» for the 3 years (increase of the net value of the certificate) amounted to 26.04% annual Net value of the certificate, calculated on the net asset value on 31.12.2016 is 1 255.10 UAH AMC "Vseswit" in time formed an anti-crisis investment portfolio structure of the fund. Over the past three years (2014-2016), from the beginning of the crisis period in Ukraine the yield was 78.11%. Well-formed investment strategy and currency diversification in 2016, allows protect assets against possible future financial risks and provides all the prerequisites for further growth. The yield of 2016 amounted 15.70%. As 31.12.2016 assets of Open-ended fund «VSE» amounted to 1 million 534 thousands UAH....
Dear contributors and participants of NPF "VSE" We inform you that on the basis of 3 years (2014-2016.) from the beginning of the geopolitical crisis in Ukraine the yield NPF "VSE" was 105.69%, which is one of the best results in the market, the average yield for the last three years was 35.23%....

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Open-end pension fund - means a non-state pension fund, which participants can be any individual, regardless of the place and nature of their job

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