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Non-profit organization «Open non-state pension fund «VSE» (NPF «VSE») was registered July 27, 2004. The certificate of registration of financial institution: series of PF №15. The decision to issue the certificate: № 2691  October  29th 2004.

Registered address of the fund: 01030, Kyiv, str. Bohdan Khmelnytsky, 23

Code USREOU: 33105725

Bank details: IBAN/rahunu number UA423004650000000026504301913 SC «Oschadbank»

The main priorities of NPF «VSE» are:

1.    Providing a reliable long-term securing of pension savings.
2.    Maintenance of an optimal correlation between the liabilities of the fund and liquidity of the assets.
3.    Providing of the minimal profitability of the investment portfolio at a rate 3%-4% higher than the real level of inflation.
4.    Development of the fund’s investment strategy considering the interests of the fund’s contributors as much as possible.
5.    Unconditional guarantee of the rights and legal interests of fund’s participants since the conclusion of the pension contract.

During the last year NSPF «VSE» has been in a group of leaders among non-state pension funds according to the assets value and according to the indicator of a pension contribution unit net value, i.e. regarding the level of profitability.

Fund’s contributors are industrial enterprises, professional unions (trade-unions) and individuals.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board - Myronenko Oleksii

To ensure the quality of its activity NPF «VSE» cooperates only with professional companies specialized in administrating and pension assets managing, which are performing exclusively this particular type of activity.

Financial Institutions serving the NPF «VSE»:

Administrator of NPF «VSE» – «All-Ukrainian Pension Fund’s Administrator» is a professional administrator with an exclusive activity – administrating of non-state pension funds.

Asset managing company – «Asset managing company «VSESWIT» is a professional AMC with an exclusive type of activity – managing of assets, especially of non-state pension funds.

Custodian Bank – «Joint-Stock Company «Oschadbank»

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