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Asset Management Company - means a legal entity engaged in professional activities in asset management by virtue of a corresponding license for such activities

Asset risk - a possibility of partial or complete loss of a value (devaluation) of the asset under the occurrence of some definite events or circumstances

Balance assets value - value of the funds assets and liabilities shown in accountancy and in the single specified balance sheet of a fund.

Corporate Pension Fund - means a non-state pension fund that is founded by a legal entity employer or a group of legal entities employers. Employers-payers may affiliate with a corporate pension fund. Only individuals who have/had employment relationship with employers contributing to a corporate pension fund are eligible for participation in this fund

Diversification - distribution of assets of an investment fund in different financial tools and other property with the purpose of reduction of a risk of decrease of its value

Financial Instruments - securities, futures contract (futures), money turnover instruments, interest-bearing futures contract (forwards), fixed-term agreements of exchange (on a certain date in the future) in case of price dependence upon the interest rate, currency rate or stock index (percentage rates, currency or index swaps), options, which entitle to purchase or sale of any of the mentioned above financial instruments, including those that provide monetary form of payment (price and interest options/tenders)

Individual pension account - means a non-state fund participants personified account that is maintained within the personified record keeping system for the purpose of accounting pension money accumulated to the participants benefit

Lifetime pension - (lifetime annuity) means pension payments payable by an insurance company according to a lifetime pension insurance contract during the entire life of an individual once he/she has reached the retirement age in accordance with legislation on insurance

Listing - a complex of procedures on inclusion of securities to the register of the trades initiator and controlling the correspondence of securities and their issuer according to the terms and requirements determined by the rules of such trades initiator

Net value of a Pension Contribution Unit - is an estimated cost per unit of pension contributions, determined by dividing the net asset value of the pension fund by the total number of units of pension contributions on the day of counting. Net unit cost of pension contributions on the day of receipt of the first pension contribution to the pension fund shall be equal to 1 UAH

Non-state pension fund participant - is an individual in favor of whom contributions to a non-state pension fund are paid

Open-end pension fund - means a non-state pension fund, which participants can be any individual, regardless of the place and nature of their job

Participant in the non-state pension provision system - means an individual in favor of whom pension contributions are paid to a pension fund, insurance company or on a pension deposit account in a bank and who is eligible for the non-state pension provision according to the terms and conditions, specified by a pension contract, insurance policy or an agreement on opening of a pension deposit account

Pension assets - mean assets of a pension fund, insurance company or a bank formed in compliance with the Law at the expense of which pension payments are made

Pension Funds Net Assets Value (NAV) - is a difference between the net value of pension fund assets on the day of counting and total liabilities of a pension fund, to be executed on the day of counting

Pension payment - means a monetary payment to a non-state pension fund participant or his/her heirs at the expense of participants money accumulated in a non-state pension fund and accounted in his/her individual pension account

Pension scheme (Pension Benefits Plan) - means a document defining the terms and procedure for non-state pensions of fund participants

Professional (Occupational) pension fund - means a non-state pension fund that is founded by an association of legal entities (employers), association of individuals (including trade union associations) or individuals related on the occupation basis. Only individuals related on the basis of professional activities specified in the Charter of the pension fund are able to participate in this fund

Quotation - mechanism of evaluation and/or fixation of the market price of any security

Securities Issue Prospectus - is a document containing information about open-end (public) distribution of securities

Securities turnover - transactions, involving the transfer of ownership of securities and rights in securities, except for contracts concluded during the placement of securities

Share - is an equity security that entitles its owner (shareholder or stockholder) to obtain the portion of the profit of a joint-stock company as dividends, rights to participate in managing of the joint-stock company and receive a part of the property left after JSCs liquidation.

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Asset risk - a possibility of partial or complete loss of a value (devaluation) of the asset under the occurrence of some definite events or circumstances

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