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«Vseswit» Assets Management Company (AMC «Vseswit») has been founded in January 2004.

Today AMC «Vseswit» manages more than 250 million UAH., assets, including the assets of one of the leading Open non-state pension fund NPF «VSE» which was registered in 2004 and took the first pension payment in 2005, Non-State Pension Fund of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church «Pokrova», Open specialized investment fund «VSE», three closed-ended funds «Amalthea», «Callisto» and «Evante» through these funds are implemented projects of direct investment in commercial real estate, telecommunications and medical industry

Manages the assets of public diversified mutual fund «VSE»,  private investment  funds «Amalthea», «Callisto» and «Evante».

In fact AMC «Vseswit» is one of the first companies that has succeeded to obtain a real practical experience in managing of assets of non-state pension funds and became a pioneer in sphere of non-state pension security and services (NPS).

The company takes an active part in the development and improvement of NPS system and technologies of managing of assets together with GC «VSE», Ukrainian Association of Administrators of Pension Funds (UA APF), USAID Capital Markets Project and World Bank.

A professional team of investment managers, a group of high qualified analysts, lower and other specialists in the sphere of investment activities work for the company.

All the staff of the Company has a long-term work experience in the securities market of Ukraine and in the sphere of investments and a qualification confirmed by corresponding certificate.

The company was founded by Baltazar Holdings Limited, Floriana, Malta and Scientific and Production Enterprise «Militeks» LLC, Kiev, Ukraine.

The company obtained a License for Professional activity in the Security Market: activity of asset management of institutional investors series AD №034314 dated 13 of April 2012 given by the National Securities and Stock Market State Commission.

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Professional (Occupational) pension fund - means a non-state pension fund that is founded by an association of legal entities (employers), association of individuals (including trade union...

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