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Yield of NPF VSE from the beginning of 2015 is 34,44%
Net value of the pension assets unit on 31.03.2015 is 3,2921 UAH. The increase in the net value of the unit since the beginning of 2015 amounted to 34.44%. Yield of NPF VSE from the beginning of the fund is 229,21%. As of 31.03.2015 assets of NPF VSE amounted 49,72 million UAH.
AMC Vseswit - 10 years
In 2014, the Asset Management Company Vseswit celebrates its anniversary - decade of success. AMC Vseswit was founded in 2004, the main activity of the company is professional management of non-state pension funds, investment funds and assets of private investors.
Asset management company Vseswit presented Orsini House project in the international real estate exhibition MIPIM 2014
From 11 to 14 March in Cannes was held Anniversary Exhibition real international estate, AMC Vseswit with business partner DTZ presented project to the world community of commercial real estate Orsini House.
The asset management company "Vseswit " visited the virtual exhibition FinFair
November 6, 2013 took place the first financial virtual exhibition FinFair, which connected the various companies, scattered around the world. Registered participants were given the opportunity make live chat with other members of the fair, share contacts and experiences, gather information, watch the presentation.
International Round Table "Black Sea Region: Investment Opportunities and Prospects"
From 22 till 25 September 2013 in the international entertainment complex Orsini House, Kharkov, Moskovsky Prospekt 181, was Roundtable The Black Sea Region: Investment Opportunities and Prospects. The initiator of the round table was an International Investment Financial group VSE and the Asset Management Company Vseswit.
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