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Olesya Ivanivna Lemysh

Education and career: Academy of State Tax Service of Ukraine, Masters Training Center. Faculty - Finance and Economics. Specialty - finance, master's degree in administration of taxes and fees.
High school of pedagogy skills at the Academy of the State Tax Service of Ukraine.
Pedagogy experience in the Finance and Economics College of the State Tax Service Academy of Ukraine. The research work, including the publication of articles.

The State Tax Service of Ukraine: STS in the Shevchenko region of Kiev (Department of forecasting tax revenue, department of economic analysis and forecasting of tax revenues), the STA in Kiev (Analytical Center of tracking problems in the areas of economy, department of economic analysis and forecasting of tax revenues).
Since September of 2005. AMC «Vseswit», Head of department for Investment Analysis

About myself: I’m always trying to be thankful for everything: for prestigious job, for good news, for the baby’s smile, for family and friends ... for all good things in my life.
My family is a little island, that always helps, supports me and inspires for responsible acts.
Trying to live only with smile. Even if there is no reason to smile, I begin to think about something nice and I smile . Never compare myself with others! I’m  trying to be free, to move forward as I wish, because each person receives from God his own cross, proportionate with his strength. In all I’m trying to find a good hand, and believe in the best. Sociable, love meeting new people.

outdoor activities and travel.

Favorite Quotes:
To live - means to do things instead of buying them. You can’t do anything with the length of your life, but you can do something with its width and depth.

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