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«Vseswit» Assets Management Company (AMC «Vseswit») has been founded in January 2004 and belongs to a Group of Companies «VSE» (GC VSE) which also includes APF «The All-Ukrainian Pension Fund’s Administrator» ltd.

Today AMC «Vseswit» manages more than 250 million UAH., assets, including the assets of one of the leading Open non-state pension fund NPF «VSE» which was registered in 2004 and took the first pension payment in 2005, Non-State Pension Fund of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church «Pokrova»Open specialized nvestment fund «VSE», three closed-ended funds «Amalthea», «Callisto» and «Evante» through these funds are implemented projects of direct investment in commercial real estate, telecommunications and medical industry

Market news
The average yield of Open-ended fund VSE for the 3 years (increase of the net value of the certificate) amounted to 26.04% annual Net value of the certificate, calculated on the net asset value on 31.12.2016 is 1 255.10 UAH AMC "Vseswit" in time formed an anti-crisis investment portfolio structure of the fund. Over the past three years (2014-2016), from the beginning of the crisis period in Ukraine the yield was 78.11%. Well-formed investment strategy and currency diversification in 2016, allows protect assets against possible future financial risks and provides all the prerequisites for further growth. The yield of 2016 amounted 15.70%. As 31.12.2016 assets of Open-ended fund VSE amounted to 1 million 534 thousands UAH....
Dear contributors and participants of NPF "VSE" We inform you that on the basis of 3 years (2014-2016.) from the beginning of the geopolitical crisis in Ukraine the yield NPF "VSE" was 105.69%, which is one of the best results in the market, the average yield for the last three years was 35.23%....

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