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Yield of Open-ended fund VSE from the beginning of 2015 is 17,11%

Net value of the certificate, calculated on the net asset value on 30.06.2015 is 988,98 UAH

The increase in the net asset value of the certificate since the beginning of 2015 amounted to 17,11%.

The correct monetary and sectorial diversification allows to protect assets of investors, despite the continued unstable situation in the east of Ukraine. The signing of the economic part of the Association with the EU provides all the prerequisites for the revitalization and significant growth of the Ukrainian stock market.

As of 30.06.2015 assets of Open-ended fund «VSE» amounted to 1,42 million UAH.

As of 30.06.2015 placed 1 437 investment certificates.

Net Assets at 36.06.2015 amounted 1,42 million UAH

Assets structure on 30.06.2015
Assets % of assets
Government bonds 42,33%
Bank deposits 36,65%
Precious metals 15,95%
Shares 3,05%
Other assets 2,02%

The fund's assets are diversified by 19 investment baskets. The share of assets in the US dollar in the fund's portfolio is 64,25%.

Regional structure on 30.06.2015

Region % of assets
Kiev. 96,95%
Poltava. 1,57%
Donetsk. 1,37%
Lviv 0,09%
Lugansk 0,02%

Sectoral structure on 30.06.2015

Sector % of assets
Budget organizations and institutions 42,33%
Banks    37,38%
Bank metals 16,26%
Ore mining 1,57%
Mining and quarrying 1,37%
Oil and gas industry 0,98%
Energy 0,09%
Engineering 0,02%

  * including deposits 36,65%

Everybody who wishes to purchase investment certificates can do so by contacting the office of AMC «Vseswit».

For those fund investors, who do not have a securities account, there is a special promotional offer from the partner of AMC «Vseswit» - the custodian «Dzherelo Ltd».

For more information, please call: (044) 207-02-94, or visit site of AMC «Vseswit»

Consulting line of  international investment group «VSE»: 0-800-501-925

Asset management company «Vseswit» was founded in 2004 and is part of an international investment group «VSE».

Today AMC «Vseswit» operates more than 250 mln. UAH., including the assets of one of the leading Open pension fund «VSE» which was registered among the first in 2004 and received the first pension contribution in early 2005 , private pension fund of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church «Pokrova» Open-ended Fund «VSE», three closed-end investment fund «Amalthea», «Callisto» and «Evante» through which are implemented direct investments in commercial real estate, telecommunications and medical industry.

AMC «Vseswit» is a member of the European Business Association (EBA), the American Chamber of Commerce (ACC), Ukrainian Association of Investment Business, and collaborates with the Ukrainian Association of Pension Funds Administrators.

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