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Yield of NPF Pokrova from the beginning of 2015 is 25,16%

Net value of the pension assets unit on 31.03.2015 is 2,2921 UAH.

The increase in the net value of the unit since the beginning of 2015 amounted to 25.16%.

The correct monetary and sectorial diversification allows to protect assets of investors, despite the continued unstable situation in the east of Ukraine. The signing of the economic part of the Association with the EU provides all the prerequisites for the revitalization and significant growth of the Ukrainian stock market.

Yield of NPF «Pokrova» from the beginning of the fund is 129,21%.

As of 31.03.2015 assets of NPF  «Pokrova» amounted to 3.02 million UAH.

As of 31.03.2015 total number of participants of NPF «Pokrova» – 1 175 people, the number of contributors – 1 066 individuals.

Since the beginning NPF «Pokrova» has made payments for a total amount of 454 thousands UAH.

Assets structure on 31.03.2015

Assets % assets
Government bonds 52,54%
Bank deposits 31,07%
Precious metals 11,37%
Shares 3,52%
Other assets 1,50%

Safety of pension fund assets provided by diversification of assets, including currency diversification corresponding to the conservative investment strategy of the pension fund.

The fund's assets are diversified by 19 investment baskets. The share of assets in the US dollar in the fund's portfolio is 62.11%.
Sectoral structure on 31.03.2015

Sector % assets
Budget organizations and institutions
Banks * 32,95%
Bank metals 11,37%
Energy 1,19%
Oil and gas industry 0,84%
Coke industry 0,26%
Engineering 0,04%

* including deposits  42,43%

Regional structure on 31.03.2015

Region %assets
Kiev 98,06%
Donetsk    1,36%
Lugansk 0,04%


Open non-state pension fund «Pokrova» registered on April 27, 2004.

The founder of the fund was the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in the person of the Supreme Archbishop Lubomyr Husar.

Administrator of NPF «VSE» is LLC «Ukrainian Pension Fund Administrator», Asset Management Company - LLC «Asset Management Company» Vseswit». Custodian Bank - OJSC «Savings Bank of Ukraine»

For more information, please call: (044) 207-02-94, or visit site of AMC «Vseswit»

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