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Closed-end Non-diversified Venture Investment Fund «AMALTHEA»

Venture Investment Fund «Amalthea» is a product of the International Investment Group «VSE» the only project of its kind, and has no analogues in Europe. The project concept is to place few global successful entertainment brand institutions in one complex, which are designed to provide a complete range of entertainment, that cooperate on mutually beneficial terms, not compete to each other.

The property of the venture investment fund «Amalthea» is a complex, which area is 10 860 sq.m. that located in a few kilometers from the central square of the Kharkov city, a license of the global chain The Penthouse, which provides exclusive rights in Ukraine. International franchise of chain of Italian restaurants Ciro's Pomodoro, and a package of agreements with other global brands about  cooperation, that will take place in the territory of the complex called Orsini House

In Orsini House is forming the collection of entertainment places and boutiques from world-famous brands, and also a 50-rooms hotel. On the basis of comfortable luxury establishments, with the highest level of service and hospitality provide several times a year private meetings of international investors with help of the business partners

December 8, 2012  was the great opening of the Italian restaurant Ciro's Pomodoro, the first business of a chain of branded establishments. During May - June will be opened  a number of clubs - The Penthouse (The Penthouse club, The Penthouse beach club, The Penthouse boutique) and the American steakhouse New York Prime Steak House. Due to license we have a possibility  to create our own  TV channel and the The Penthouse magazine.

December 8, 2012  was grand opening of the Italian restaurant Ciro's Pomodoro, the first business of a chain of branded establishments.

May 31, 2013 was grand opening of the first in Ukraine license gentleman lub The Penthouse club. Prepare for opening other establishments of the line The Penthouse - The Penthouse beach club, The Penthouse boutique. Due to license possible to create your television and magazine The Penthouse.

Grand opening The Penthouse club                         Grand opening Ciro's Pomodoro


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